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Chinese Factory Directly Supplies Online High-Quality Car Seat Pressure Sensors Seat Occupancy Sensor

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Is there a problem?<br>Please contact us to serve you!

Is there a problem?
Please contact us to serve you!

Product Description

Chinese Factory Directly Supplies Online High-Quality Car Seat Pressure Sensors Seat Occupancy Sensor factory

Force Pressure Sensor




10g, trigger when the default resistance value is less than 200kΩ



Resistance when not triggered

greater than 10MΩ

Activation time


+10%, (RF+-RF-)/FR+, 500g force

Response time

Pressure mode

static or dynamic (within 10Hz frequency)

Operating temperature-40 ° C ~ +85 ° C
Electromagnetic interference EMlnot generated
Electrostatic discharge ESDnot sensitive
Drift10g force trigger, the product is more sensitive. Size range can be customized


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Company Information



1. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are manufacturer and you are welcome to visit our factory, also video and pictures will let you check.

2. How to make an ORDER and QUOTATION?

Information will need as below:

(1) Drawings, photos, requirement, quantity

(2) Overlay Dimension: 

Material: PET/PC

Finish: Matte/Glossy


Button: Embossed/Flat/Metal/Silicone/Rubber/Gum


Pin: need to check the circuit diagram


Cable Length: As requirement

Connector: Female /Male/Do Pont Connector

Hole: None

And better send us the design drawing or samples together with other detailed datas, then we’ll customize the membrane switch upon your requests.

3. What about the sample policy, For FREE?

(1) Free Samples: If you paid the shipment fee, we can provide free samples for you.

(2) Custom Samples: You can give me the drawings, requirement and quantity, we will give you a quotation.

4. What is the production time?

The sample time is about 1-7days.The quantity order would take 1-3 weeks. For complicated product should take 1 more week.

5. Can you do the design for us?

Yes, no problem

There ate many professional engineer having rich experience in graphic overlays& circuit designing.

Just let us know your ideas and we will help to carry out your ideas into perfect products.

If you send me your samples, we will design the drawings based on the samples and can revise the graphic of the face.

6.How to control quality?

(1)We process the products strictly based on the raw material list.

(2)Our many engineer own many year’s experience and are very responsible.

(3)Warranty period is one year. If you find some products is bad, you can tell us, we will give you solutions.

7. How to guarantee the after sales service?

We will track the production situation of the goods during the whole process, we promise the goods will be shipped to you smoothly. If any problem happened, we will provide the best solution for you.

8. Shipping ways & Delivery Time?

Shipping by: UPS/ FedEx /DHL /TNT or other ways specified.

Delivery time: 3~20 days after payment received, which depends on your choice.

9. Payment terms: As your needs, mainly include trade assurance, TT, West Union, PayPal etc.100% balance before shipment.



Launching the Chinese Factory Directly Supplies Online High-Quality Car Seat Pressure Sensors Seat Occupancy Sensor the perfect solution keeps you safe on the highway. This method this is top-notch built accurately detect the current presence of a passenger in the car sea ensuring that the airbag system functions as it should.

Our Seat Occupancy Sensor is established in a top-notch Chinese factory that directly supplies it towards the online market. What this means is you're getting the assurance of high dependability and quality and never having to spend the premium price often comes with middle-men. The Soushine brand could be an acclaimed title the auto industry having a track record of delivering durable and long-lasting products.

The Soushine Car Seat Pressure Sensors Seat Occupancy Sensor uses technology this is state-of ensure-the-art the car's airbag system deploys only when required. This sensible technology the utilization of airbags in situations where they truly are not essential this implies you are able to save yourself a huge amount of cash in repair costs if there’s no requirement for airbag deployments. In addition, our seat occupancy sensor efficiently senses the extra weight the passenger regarding the chai letting it stimulate the airbag system in the event of a collision keeping both you and your people safe within an urgent situation.

Our Soushine Seat Occupancy Sensor is easy to include and suitable for vehicle models most. It boils down with a comprehensive installation that may enable you to perform some installation by yourself without needing any professional assistance. You shall never have to change your vehicle or tamper with any one of its essential parts installations making the process quick and convenient.

One of many features of the merchandise is you may be purchasing a durable and high-quality product so that it includes a whole life guarantee giving you complete satisfaction. Moreover, our item Chinese Factory Directly Supplies Online High-Quality Car Seat Pressure Sensors Seat Occupancy Sensor is affordable and that can save you from expensive replacements of your car’s airbag system in a celebration of its activation.

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